Our Australian Adventure 2015 style – Ayres Rock (Uluru)

Tuesday 24 February

Qantas Flight to Alice Springs on time and much better service than Virgin Australia. Manage to get internet at Alice Springs during our 30 minutes on the ground before re-boarding the plane for our short journey to Ayres Rock.

Nothing but brown earth and salt
Nothing but brown earth and salt

Very desolate scenery outside, with rock mostly red but a few white patches which look like salt deposits.

Very few tarmacademed roads, even less houses and cars and only patches of vegetation. Heaven help you if you broke down out here, the ground temperature is probably in the upper 30s C.

Collected at Airport by Hotel coach and check in efficient.  There is only one hotel at Uluru although it has a few different parts.

Walk to room is punctuated by having to stop to attempt to rid ourselves of an entourage of flies – we are learning the Australian wave.

No wonder they are selling fly nets in many colours. A bit like the Bridge suit in Sydney and the sting suit for the Great Barrier Reef, they do nothing for fashion!

Evening supper with Uluru as backdrop
Evening supper with Uluru as backdrop

An evening sunset meal with champagne, canapés and wine out in the open and apart from the odd flying beetle type insect, nothing bothered us.  Entertainment by some locals was interesting.

Aborignes dance duo
Aborignes dance duo

The kangaroo and crocodile did taste quite nice, surprisingly. Back in room by 10pm and in bed early ready for an early start tomorrow.

Wednesday 25 February

Alarm at 4:15am!

Still, an early start is worth it as we start off for a coach ride at 5am, first to a stop for coffee and biscuits and a walk through the bush to an observation platform for a spectacular view of the ever changing colours of Uluru as the sun rises.

Uluru at dawn
Uluru at dawn

I could bore you readers with loads of pictures of different colours on Uluru as the sun rose but I won’t!

You will just have to take my word for the fact that the colours changed!

Fortunately, the clouds of the previous evening gave way to allow some blue sky at sun rise, enough for some good pictures before cloud took over for about an hour.

Caves in Uluru rock
Caves in Uluru rock

The rising Sun and Sacred Walk tour then took us around the Rock with some commentary and a couple of stops, first at the point when you can climb the Rock, although this is discouraged.

The climbing path up Uluru
The climbing path up Uluru

Only one third of climb is visible from the base of the climb and the Rock is 348 metres high?

The climb is closed today due to the extreme heat and wind which is probably just as well as it is expected to reach 41C today.

Over 30 people have died trying to climb the Rock, possibly many from heat exhaustion or dehydration.

Rock sitting
Rock sitting

The second stop took us to a couple of caves, decorated with Aboriginal Art as well as an ancient Water Hole and time to sit on THE rock.

Aborigine Art work in cave at Uluru
Aborigine Art work in cave at Uluru

The cultural centre was a little disappointing though at the next stop.

Did you know that 250 different aboriginal “countries” originally made up Australia and there were over 700 different aboriginal languages, only about 50 survive.

Back for a couple of hours sleep, a very small brunch – too hot to eat – and catch up with emails. Too hot to go out and tooooooooooo many flies.

Dinner, expensive but what do you expect, in the Resort Hotel.

What a wonderful place this is – you can understand why the Aborigines think it as being sacred.  That said, two nights was long enough unless you wanted to go to the King’s Canyon and also take in Alice Springs.  But, do beware of the flies.

Thursday 26 February

A day travelling but we are getting away from the flies at long last although a few have gone on their holidays in the plane’s cabin to Sydney.


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