Getting home after our travels from Hong Kong to Southampton via Australia and many other places

The 4 of us at Shirley Heights, Antigua
The 4 of us at Shirley Heights, Antigua

Thursday 23 April

After we managed to escape from our cruise “prison” for the last 49 days we were met by Flic and driven to Reading for a wedding suit fitting (for me as father of the bride) followed by lunch with Flic at ASK in Reading.

ASK's birthday cake
ASK’s birthday cake

The waitress overhears that it’s Sally’s birthday and gives her a birthday present and we head up the motorways for an overnight at the Liverpool Crowne Plaza with a 100 yard drive the next day to the ferry for our sea crossing home.

Friday 24 April

Upgraded in hotel so free breakfast in lounge. Travel the exceptionally long journey (100yds!) to board the ferry to head home and find that the family from the Isle of Man who we met on Aurora were also on the ferry despite it being over 24 hours after disembarkation at Southampton.

3 month's post
3 month’s post

And now the long task of day to day home life begins, including dealing with the mountain of post that arrived whilst we were away for our 3 months trip, preparing for a wedding, having some house repairs and a visit to Jersey to see Grandson, Harry.

What have been the highlights and the not so good bits? A subjective view of course but first of all, the not so good bits:

The accommodation at Lennox Head, those arrogant passengers on the P & O cruise that thought they owned the place, more than 1 day in a row at sea.

The highlights:

Sydney Bridge Climb, Some fantastic B & B’s in Australia, the wildlife, especially those at Cape Otway and Phillip Island, The Great Barrier Reef Cruise, Uluru, Port Arthur, Wellington Parliament building tour, Pearl Harbour, Panama Canal transit and of course spending time with our friends John & Deirdre.


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