Cruise, Sydney to Southampton – Puntarenus (Costa Rica)

Tuesday 7 April – Costa Rica

Jaws open wide
Jaws open wide

An early arrival at 5:15 after clocks put forward an hour yesterday so up just before 6 and onto tour coach by 7am!

Coach driver very knowledgeable as well as being quite a comedian. Travel SE inland and then get off main road onto a non tarmacademed road for something like 12k, travelling very slowly in places and stopping for sights and explanations of plants and a few animals.

Blue herons
Blue herons
“Lazy river” at Eco Centre

Reach Eco centre and transfer to boat for ride down river.

Lucky to see a Racoon and some Scarlett type Mckaws as well as quite a number of Crocodiles, Little Blue Herons, Iguana, White Ibis and a Common black Hawk.

We travelled down the Gruyerengo river for about an hour and a half, both there and back before returning to coach via shop and free beer.

So much wildlife to see
So much wildlife to see – Scarlett Macaws

It is now so hot, walking out into town after we get back to ship is out of the question for Sal, but I go in, being blown about by the wind somewhat on the long quay.

Nothing especially interesting here to write home about really but it was fascinating just to walk through the market which really was for the tourists and the shops in the town.

Cruise ship from shore
Cruise ship from shore

The town was busy and not as run down as we had been led to believe by Cherry, in her Port talk back on the ship a few days ago; certainly no evidence of the pollution that we had been led to believe that had prevented the beach being used. Agreed the sand was black but then Volcanic sand is black!

Town centre
Town centre

However, you do have to mind the uneven surfaces on some of the pavements and there were a few young women standing outside “hotels” which was a bit disconcerting.

Beach front  market stall
Beach front market stall

Whilst the market was good, it maybe only there on a day when cruise ship is in port.

Back on Aurora, the McDonald brothers entertained us tonight with their brand of Scottish and Irish music with a particularly modern version of “I’ll take the high road, The bonnie banks of loch  Lomond”.

And we now steam out of Costa Rica towards one of the highlights – travelling through the Panama Canal.


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