9 October

Ferry to Liverpool, leisurely drive to Holiday Inn, Reading. A329(M) entrance closed so have to divert through Wokingham adding 10 minutes to journey. Fussy receptionist wanted the credit card I booked on, hadn’t got it so had to produce another one.

10 October

Take Flic to a horse shop to buy riding boots whilst Gary went to play Rugby – he lost so was not a happy cookie, especially as he was injured. Lunch at a cafe in Dunhelm Mill and back to hotel for a rest before a very good dinner with Flic & Viv at Cozze at Woodley.

Flic was performing in her amateur group’s performance of The  Sorcerer and had one of the leading parts. Excellent show, well done Flic.image

Not sure Laura, who joined us, was so impressed as it was a love story bearing in mind her recent upheaval. At least she has now got somewhere else to live from Half Term and it is nearer work

11 October

Brief visit to Flic & Gary before setting off for Phillip & Sylvia’s via a stop at a garden centre for a quick bite to eat. Phillip had cooked a meal for us that evening and as we had an early start the following morning an early night was called for.

12 October

Crammed all our collective luggage in Phillip’s car and off to Heahrow, taking at least 20 minutes longer than normal due to the heavy traffic.

Check in and through security reasonably quickly although Phillip’s new knee will slightly delay him now every time he goes through security.

There are no windows on row 21 in Premium Economy on this Virgin Atlantic flight 😟, but the flight goes quickly enough, Sally watching 5 films and me listening to several music albums and a documentary on a London fishmonger at Billingsgate trying his luck at the New York fish market.

Food and service good, no complaints.

New automatic machines at Atlanta to get through immigration, a great improvement although how a child would cope with the photographs remains to be seen.image

Two shuttles required to get to hotel but all goes smoothly and we are soon settled into dinner and a local brew of beer.

Tomorrow it is off to the Biltmore Estate near Asheville (North Carolina) and the beginning of our road-trip.




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