Caribbean Cruise – Grand Turk

IMG_9244Friday 22 January – Grand Turk

We were on a wait list for a road train trip around the island but nothing materialised so we took a taxi to the centre of the main town. I just can’t believe this is the capital, there is just nothing here.

Paddling in Grand Turk

Absolutely nothing to write home about in the “Town Centre”, only about 5 or 6 huts masquerading as shops – see the picture above – one café, one bar and nothing worth photographing.

Spend $10 on what turned out to be an awful cup of coffee and two take away beers, which were good when drunk cold back on the ship, in order to obtain an internet code which was punched in to my phone by the café owner (thus not being able to pass it on to anyone else).

Grand Turk from the cruise ship


Strange model of a whale

Join a few others in a taxi that takes us back to the cruise port area which is in complete contrast by being modern and with many shops and bars, including a Margaretville area.


Included in the area is a reminder to the splashdown nearby from space of the capsule that contained John Glenn in the 1960s.

Shell on Grand Turk beach

Manage a paddle on the beach after finding a huge shell encased in rock which after photographing was being thrown onto a rock by an American Tourist in the hope ( I suspect) that she could extract the shell.

Model depicting John Glenn’s space trip

Didn’t stop to see the vandalism but more than likely she would have broken the shell.

Adjacent berth at Cruise “terminal” taken by a Carnival ship which is aimed at a much younger audience with flumes and an aerial walkway to entertain the youngsters.

IMG_1624Entertaining evening watching a Dusty Springfield tribute act, Maxine Mazumder, which proved popular, a full house.

Saturday 23 January – sea day

More port talks and lazing around catching up on sleep and blog!

Headliners show tonight, “once upon a time”, had wonderful special effects including Snow White changing from one costume to another on stage, just like Peel Panto’s show in 2014 – Mel should claim royalties on hers – and a spider that came out over the audience and spat out streamers.

Singing, however wasn’t overly good, especially by the guy who played Prince Charming.

We are off to St Kitts tomorrow.


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