Caribbean Cruise – Dominica

IMG_9351Monday 25 January – Dominica

We have opted for a tour, after breakfast on our balcony overlooking beautiful calm seas, to Salton Falls.  However, storm damage has resulted in the closing of the falls so  we are off to the Emerald Pool instead.

transportation Grenada style

A true open sided mini bus so a very welcome blast of free air conditioning as we set off through the busy streets of the capital, Roseau and then climb up to a vantage point for a photo opportunity – Morn Bruce

Us overlooking Roseau from Morn Bruce

Back to the outskirts of town and then a trip through a park where a tree fell in a hurricane on top of a (fortunately empty) school bus.

The power of nature

It has been left there as a reminder of the power of nature.

Modern art installation

A modern student art installation in the park is intriguing, using old discarded plastic bottles to depict a waterfall.

We head northwards along the coast road before turning off inland up a winding well made road for a Rum Punch stop – very potent.

Onwards into the tropical rainforest until we reach the site for the Pool.

Beware of roots

The walk to the pool is advertised as 15 minutes but the path is uneven in places and wet so journey time possibly more.

Many steep bits, mostly down on the way there but what goes down must come up.

Emerald Pool

Sal returns to the bus getting almost to the pool and I go on to the Pool, the water of which is not as cold as you would expect – I didn’t swim in it, others did, but paddled.

Retracing steps I catch up with Sal long after she has climbed the steepest bits of the return walk and manage to grab a few minutes of free internet access before we return to the bus and are whisked back to the cruise ship.

A few vendors on the quayside but coffee at $20 a packet is steep, especially as it wasn’t a full size packet.

Roseau is a bustling little town but would be dead on a Sunday, nothing opens. The locals seem to work hard but cruise ships are only here for about 6 months of the year so I guess it is sleepy the rest of the time.  Not as run down as some of the other places but not as affluent as, say, Sint Maarten with one or two decent houses in the rain forest.

Grenada house

The rain forest is just that, a forest where it rains!  We had a little shower whilst we were at Emerald pool but we soon dried off.

I was impressed with the road surfaces and saw many cases where the vegetation by the sides of the road were being cut back by about 6 feet, possibly to allow water to drain away.

A few bars exist alongside the quay but I doubt it ever gets too crowded, probably only capacity for one cruise ship a day!

Colourful Town centre of Roseau

Very hot today, possibly over 30C so a lot of snoozing going on this afternoon before afternoon tea and watching the sail away from a very colourful town.

It was Burns’night

It’s Burns night tonight and the restaurant does a piping of the haggis ceremony not far from our table, quite entertaining but all we could see was their backsides!

Entertainment tonight from Guy Bavli, an Israeli Mentalist, actually a magician, how did he do those tricks?

A bit scary as of course he picks people from the audience and we are late only managing to get near the front.  Phew, we were not chosen and we head off for a sleep before St Lucia tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Caribbean Cruise – Dominica

  1. Lovely photos and that school bus under the tree is so scary but as we were told no one got hurt. It’s funny in a way that how it has become a tourist attraction now. WE visited Dominica on a cruise too and took a hike to Middleham Falls (have written about it on the blog) and that was wonderful. A very nice post. Thanks

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