Caribbean Cruise – Grenada

IMG_9458Thursday 28 January – Grenada

Bad experience on the catering front at breakfast, Sal orders soft boiled eggs but gets hard boiled eggs. Waiter adamant he is right, because he wrote down hard boiled eggs but eventually makes up for it by bringing two soft boiled eggs, so no complaint but he shouldn’t have spoken to us like that.

Cruise terminal crowded with our passengers and those from an a adjacent ship, a Royal Caribbean one, Adventure of the Seas, but get tempted whilst we are looking at a map, by a 2.5 hour ride in a cab for $20 each that would take us to Grand Etang lake, through the rain forest and back.

Grand Etang Lake

The exit out of the cruise terminal is swift and we are soon on our climb out of St George, towards the lake. But you don’t get up close and personal with it, only see it from some feet up and have to pay $2 each for the privilege.

A few vendors including some women in national costume are taking advantage of the many mini buses , including a couple of P & O ones the occupants of which have paid good money for the privilege of virtually the same itinerary as us.

Tourists and ladies in national costume

Both the drive up and the drive back are past houses that appear to be better kept than those on the other islands’ tours that we have been on.

Still a few abandoned cars by the side of the road but not as many and generally, the  cars that we see are modern and well kept.

Hillside living

We pass a couple of schools and as with all islands we have been to, the school children are immaculately presented in their name probably better here than in the others as well.

Not too many people hanging about the streets, everyone seems to be doing something.

Pass an area of habitation where we are told that they are predominantly settled by locals who have gone away to work, made their money and returned. One house that was quite grand was, we are told about US$200,00.

Past the rum factory and on to the beach which had many chairs and umbrellas, sunbathers and a few shops but the sand wasn’t as good as I had expected.

Cruise ships overshadowing St George’s

It had been raining since we left the lake area so that might explain the poor beach. Half of the taxi contingent get out to stay on the beach and catch a water taxi back but we and two other couples return to the ship.

St George’s

After lunch and a long talk with Raj (he is from just outside Madras) I go out to get some internet access.

Walk through the Sendall tunnel to the adjacent bay to watch the boats and get the internet access.

Loads of kids in their schools uniforms, one girl asks me for a donation for some sponsorship for something this Saturday. She must have been about 13!

I gave my excuses and returned through the tunnel to buy a shirt and return for tea and watch the other ship depart before our sail away party  – we didn’t go, we just heard.

Another soul singer tonight, Emaculate, which is a guy called Vernon & his 4 piece band.  Probably better than the last Soul singer and they were flown out from London to Grenada especially – they are returning tomorrow!  We are off to our last stop, Barbados, tomorrow.


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