Caribbean Cuise – St Lucia

IMG_9386Tuesday 26 January – St Lucia

Another hot day and another cruise ship in town, a Celebrity Cruise ship moored on an adjacent berth which we understand later from Raj is not as well appointed as our berth.Β  Great internet access in the port terminal though but prices of coffee and other things not exactly cheap.

We had not booked a shore excursion today but this time were more adventurous, selecting a small boat (29 of us I think he said) cruise to the Pitons and then a taxi ride (15 of us including the driver) up into the hills to the volcano which is still spewing steam and sulphur.

Boat trip off St Lucia

A windy journey southwards past a Sandals resort, an oil refinery and some interesting rock formations before we reach the little port of Soufriere where we disembark and transfer to a small minivan which we see later has an interesting wear on the tyres!

Bald tyres

Off up into the hills to an area where sulphur springs disgorge a thick mud.

Sulphur springs

An industry has been built around the volcanic black mud with many people covering themselves in the mud (at extra cost of course) before washing it off a few minutes later before they get back on their tour buses.

Some strange looking sights, are you sure it wasn’t Halloween?

Mud bath

We don’t participate as we have swimming costumes Β or clean clothes but what benefit it might have for you is questionable.

It is in a rain forest and of course, true to form, it starts rain so back in our cramped minibus and off to another waterfall where it rains even more.

Cleansing pool after a mud bath

Not an overly big waterfall but a pool for some people to get rid of the last vestiges of the mud from the last stop.

Back to the boat and we are offered rum punch as we head back up the coast towards Chartres?

Marigot Bay

Stopping off on the way for an hour at Marigot bay where we bought ourselves lunch on the waters edge watching the boats come in and out and the free water taxis actively used to get to the lovely houses on the other side.

Marigot Bay water taxi

The conch fritters were lovely.

More rum punch on the journey back to Britannia past some interesting rock formations where there has obviously been some previous erosion and a rest before dinner.

Rock formations on the sea front

A good day out but glad we did a tour.

Raj tells us the next day that some passengers saw a fight in a locals market between two local groups, at least one gun being on show – scary.

Entertainment tonight from an American Idol contestant, Michael Lynche, with his brand of soul and blues including his take on a Stevie Wonder song, a Ray Charles song and many others.

Two couples at least being very rude and walking out as the 2nd song was starting. Agreed it was not everyone’s cup of tea but unless someone is useless – this guy wasn’t useless by any stretch of the imagination – you should have the courtesy to stay the course.

Wednesday 27 January – a sea day

Guest speaker today is Alex Alley, a professional sailor who talked about his experiences racing around the world and his plans for the future with his Pixel Boat, a sort of Crowd funding.

Headliners show tonight was “The Sound of the Underground” with a London Underground rondel used as it’s logo.underground-logo

We, and others, spent time before the show trying to figure out which songs had London Underground Station names in them but of course the show had nothing to do with this, but was a musical showpiece of songs from around Britain!

Incidentally, we could think of: 1. Waterloo Sunset, 2. Warwick Avenue, 3. Baker Street, and 4. Finchley Central, Golders Green and Camden Town all in one song.

I’m sure there must be more (surely Brixton is in one?) and would welcome thoughts!


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