Caribbean cruise – Barbados and home

IMG_9465Friday 29 January – Barbados.

Our last full day and we opt to explore Bridgetown and although a taxi was sought, non wanted to take us the short distance into town so we ambled in, past the fish market and settled for a coffee in the one department store we have come across in the West Indies –    Cave Shepherd.

Fish Market
Independence Arch

Some picture taking in Bridgetown before a more friendly taxi drops us back at the cruise terminal to get ready for dinner and a bit of packing.

Constitution River

Tonight’s entertainment is The Barbados Spectacular Show, locals performing their brand of entertainment such as the stilt man, the fire eater and the shaggy bear as well the yuk band and the limbo queen.

The compare, the fire eater, was good with a couple of good jokes and of course the fire eating.

Our bags now gone and so are we tomorrow.

By the way, the Joke:  A priest lost his bicycle, another priest suggested he go through the 10 commandments at his next service and it will return. The priest did this but before he could get to ‘thou shall not steal’ he remembered where he had left his bike when he came to the commandment, ‘thou shall not commit adultery’!

Saturday 30 January – Barbados and a flight to Gatwick.

We have opted for a tour from the ship ending up at the airport rather than a direct transfer later in the day.

Well kept Racecourse clubhouse

Set off for a brief trip to Sunbury Plantation House  via the Racecourse and Blakey’s beach.

Fish Market

The house was fascinating, a step back in time into  a house with so many original items of furniture showing how people lived in Barbados in the old days.

Artefacts at Sunbury Plantation House

Lunch was provided in  courtyard at the back and we wee soon off to the airport to join the thousands of other passengers all viing for a seat before they boarded the various planes back to their homes.

No sleep on the plane back, a good meal but we were not looking forward to the arrival at 5am and the following 8 hour wait at Gatwick before the journey home to the Isle of Man.

Now a few days rest before we set off for Jersey for Harry’s birthday party.


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