Harry’s birthday party

IMG_1415A couple of Flybe flights (via Birmingham) to get to Jersey and we get there without stopping in Guernsey because of fog.

Quote from the Flyby stewardess when landing in Jersey: ” Flybe flight to Guernsey announce the arrival of the flight into Jersey”.

Harry’s party is in Trinity Youth club, a whole step back down memory lane as I used to take our middle daughter, Flic, there back in the last Century.

IMG_1398The hall had room for a bouncy castle inside which, apart from the food, was the best attraction and kept the kids amused for a long time.

I’ll come down the way I want to!

A few other games had been laid out which captured the


children’s attention, and some of the adults!

Then it was time for food where all the children sat happily and chatted amongst themselves, as only 3 and 4 year olds can.

The cake went down well, and in between helping the kids with their food, an opportunity was taken to look at the posters in the Hall.

Somewhat surprised by the latest Cub scout Badge requirements though!

A crisp eaters badge?
That looks like fun

All the presents for Harry were kept aside so that he could open them at home where Sarah could monitor who gave what.


Present opening

Yes, there were a few tears, what children’s party doesn’t have tears?

We had stayed with our friends Laura & Jim as Sarah & Ali’s spare room was taken by Flic & Gary so the next day, after a hearty Jim cooked breakfast we were collected and in very windy weather ventured out to Victoria Avenue for a cycle ride (for Sarah, Ali & Harry) with a watchful eye being kept on them by the rest of us – well most of the time.

Flic can still ride a bike

Flic however had to have a go on an adult’s bike and I can report no injuries!

Bike ride along Victoria Avenue

We used to live on Victoria Avenue between 1990 and 1995 but there is now no sign of the house – it was demolished many years ago to make way for apartments.

In front of site of where we used to live in Jersey

We had to have a photo though of the girls standing outside where it was.

Where has the time gone since those days – a lot of water and experiences under the bridge?

A lovely meal with Laura & Jim in town at Mino’s restaurant – a place that has survived the test of time as it was one of the first restaurants I went to in Jersey when I arrived in 1988.

Back home on an early flight to Manchester the next day where we were let off at the wrong gate so had to go out and back in through an extremely thorough security, controlled by a jobsworth with no people skills.

A few days rest and we are off to Clearwell to rectify squeaky floorboards before having new carpets fitted.


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