Clearwell renovations

Dingle RiseWe had known for some time that we needed work doing to the upstairs creaking flooring but after this last Christmas we knew we had to bite the bullet and have them repaired coupled with new carpets.

The opportunity was also taken to upgrade the bathroom lighting and grouting as well as the utility room lighting and tidy up the spare bedding and towels.

Of course, it looked worse before we got it better but we had a week to achieve all of this.

The Living room – the pain before the gain with the old stair carpet used to protect the floor
Sarah travelled over from Jersey to help but with mine and Sally’s Jersey cold still in full flow, some of the other jobs (cupboard building upstairs and in the garage) she capably undertook these on her own.

Of course there is always a lot more to do than first meets the eye and as always, more disruption before the house was back to normal.

At least 5 dump runs were needed but in clearing the (probably 35 year old) stair carpet we found proper wooden stairs rather than chipboard.

New stair carpet
A quick call to the carpet fitters and we agreed to have a runner put up the stairs (instead of a whole carpet) and stain the sides.

Unfortunately we were only able to paint one room’s skirting board – the rest will have to wait for another time but other than that, all was completed and Sarah was able to leave on Friday lunchtime to stay with a friend nearer Portsmouth for her day crossing Saturday morning on the slow boat back to Jersey.

We drove up to Heysham for an overnight crossing back to the Isle of Man with a few hours sleep on board and a few more on arrival at 6 am in our home.

Rear double bedroom
The story doesn’t end there as Sarah’s ferry had a technical problem on arrival at Portsmouth (it’s ramp broke down and cars couldn’t get off let alone get on).

With the fast ferry also being repaired, there was no ferry home so Sarah had to wait for the ferry’s repair before she could get back! A night with Flic & Gary resulted with a hotel for another night planned as Condor Ferries in their wisdom decided that the next ferry was to be on Monday at the earliest.

Sarah’s persistence with the telephone resulted in a ferry overnight on Sunday night to St Malo in France (lucky she had her passport), 3 hours in France and a fast ferry back home by lunchtime on Monday.

With high winds the rest of the week, she was lucky, some stranded passengers were not back for some days.

Now we have an upgraded upstairs to hopefully impress our guests.


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