Christmas and New Year 2016

20170101_000944-2Yes, it is that time again and whilst we all set off on our separate journeys to meet up at Clearwell again, our journey takes a diversion to a pre 70th birthday bash for our friend John. Whilst it was supposed to be a surprise party, John did recognise our car in the car park despite me having tried to hide it under a tree away from the entrance to the hotel.

Lizzie being trod upon

Food and company were good and John suitably surprised. Jill, John & Deirdre’s daughter and her family were off to Cambodia later that day for Christmas although granddaughter, Lizzie was somewhat apprehensive about the long flight. Despite this, she entered into the party spirit and was duly trodden upon!

Christmas tree in Clearwell

Down to Clearwell to get ready for everyone via Fleet for a catch up with Viv.

Christmas would not be the same without Christmas trees with presents piled high and our one in Clearwell was no exception.

However, some Christmas trees were not so lucky as clearly a certain DIY store in the UK had massively over catered this year (or should it be over cut this year) and were selling them off at a ridiculously low price about 5 days before the big day.

Over supply of real Christmas trees


Trees apart, presents, especially for the younger generation are the order of the day and thanks to good old Santa and friends, Harry for one thoroughly enjoyed opening all the presents that managed to find their way into his pile.

Fresh from Mel’s Panto she had some liquid left over that is used to make snow from a snow machine.


Present time in Clearwell

Well, we just had to borrow the machine and set if off at an appropriate time for Harry to enjoy.


Mind you, it did make a mess on the windows and no doubt any passing motorists or walkers were confused as it was quite a mild Christmas Day for a change.

Snow at Christmas!


We had no time to rest as we had to return earlier than normal to the Isle of Man for New Year’s Eve in front of the TV in advance of another long adventure starting with us leaving the Isle of Man on 1 January.

What is this adventure? 

Well you will just have to turn to our new blog as this one is getting remarkably full – probably something to do with the fact that since we started our 2 blogs, we have travelled to close on 50 countries!

Anyway, my new blog can be found at:-  We hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to you following us.



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